Ohio Portal Access Instructions

To provide Zamp with access to your Ohio Business Gateway account, you will need to update the Account Recovery email address on your account to be our filing email (filing@zamp.com). Once we have access, we can:

  • Connect our third-party filing account so we can file on your behalf
  • Make other updates to your account to ensure we receive important tax-related correspondence from the state

Here are the steps to add our filing email to your account:

1) Open 'Administration' in your Ohio Business Gateway account

Log in to your account at https://gateway.ohio.gov/home. Once you've logged in, select the user icon to open the Administration page:

2) Click the link to open 'Account Settings'

Select the 'Account Settings' link at the bottom of the page:

3) Open your 'Password Recovery' settings

Select the card for 'Password Recovery':

4) Update your email

Select the 'Edit' button in the email section. Select 'Edit' again from the pop-up. Then update your email to filing@zamp.com and click Save Changes.

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