How to enable or disable sales tax collection for a specific state in Shopify

During onboarding, or as Zamp registers your business for sales tax in new states, you may need to adjust your tax collection settings in Shopify by enabling or disabling sales tax collection for specific states.


To enable tax collection for a state in Shopify, use the following steps:

You can also find these instructions on the Shopify help page.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings:

  1. Select Taxes and duties:

  1. In the Manage sales tax collection section, select United States:

  1. In the Regions you're collecting in section, select the Collect sales tax link:

  1. Select the state and click the Collect sales tax button:

You are not required to enter your sales tax ID. If you would like to add it and you do not have it, let us know and we'll be happy to provide it for you!


To disable tax collection for a state in Shopify:

Follow steps 1-3 from above.

  1. Select the kebab menu on the right side of the row for the state for which you want disable tax collection and select Remove:

  1. Select Remove in the modal that appears:

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